Salesforce vs 1CRM vs SugarCRM Price Comparison

1. Salesforce Pricing Structure

Versus SugarCRM, Salesforce’s pricing structure is determined by cloud-based, SaaS applications only. This means that you cannot host Salesforce on-premise. You can host SugarCRM on premise, but most people elect not to anyways. There is a simple, monthly-based subscription fee for Salesforce just as there is in SugarCRM. You do have to pay for the costs for a year up front. Below is a breakdown of Salesforce license pricing structure. For a full comparison between Salesforce , 1CRM and SugarCRM

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Salesforce Edition Monthly Cost / Per User Annual Cost / Per user
Professional $65 $780
Enterprise $125 $1500
Unlimited $250 $3000


Salesforce vs. Sugar Hidden Costs:

Salesforce has a much higher data storage costs than Sugar, which some amount to “hidden” costs. In addition to their license pricing, Salesforce also charges $50/per user/per month for access to their mobile app. Sugar does not charge for mobile access. In short, Sugar’s data storage costs appear expensive at first ($200 per extra gig of data).

Salesforce vs. Sugar Implementation Costs:

A typical Salesforce implementation runs about double the cost of a Sugar implementation. Because Salesforce is built in a proprietary language and is not open-source (they don’t let you access the software code), it is a bit harder to find affordable developers. Conversely, because Sugar is open-source (meaning the code is available to manipulate) and written in PHP (a very popular web language), it has a development community that can more-afford-ably implement and customize the software.


When is Salesforce a Better Value Than Sugar?

If you’re a company that tracks inventory line items (sales broken up into a bunch of individual products), you’re going to need the Enterprise level of Sugar. Sugar Enterprise is still more affordable than Salesforce Professional, but the line item situation is the only situation where Salesforce scrapes the value of Sugar. If you do choose Sugar Enterprise, that unlocks advanced workflow functionality that would cost huge amounts more money in Salesforce ($125/per user/per month for Salesforce Enteprise vs. $60/per user/per month for Sugar Enterprise).

2. 1CRM Pricing Model

Having lot of functionality besides SugarCRM and Salesforce as Sales Orders , Invoices , Purchase Orders , Billing ,

Payments , Inventory tracking and many others 1CRM is an old established CRM on market and a viable alternative to SugarCRM and Salesforce .


Edition Monthly per user costs (on-premise) Annual costs per user  (on-premise)
STARTUP + $15 $144

3. SugarCRM Pricing Model

Versus Salesforce, SugarCRM offers a very similar pricing structure with the exception of the license costs themselves. Sugar is far more affordable than Salesforce for most of the functionality you get at the higher levels of Salesforce. Again, Sugar also does not have any additional costs for their mobile pricing. Because their mobile is built in PHP, it looks good on just about any device you own. In short, SugarCRM aims to limit the “hidden fees” that some CRM providers do not include in their base license costs.

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Edition Monthly per user costs Annual costs per user
Professional $40 $480
Enterprise $60 $720

Why SugarCRM needs to be considered a direct competitor of Salesforce:

It’s important to note that SugarCRM’s operating costs often come in at less than half of Salesforce. Salesforce continues to tout it’s brand-name as a major selling point, but Sugar’s CEO explains that they have a much more scale-able system:

“I think we measure up better or well than anybody in the industry when it comes to extensibility of platform.” — Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM

For a more in-depth version of Salesforce vs SugarCRM, download the full white paper below: